Bookshelf Vs Tower Speakers – Explained It’s Pros & Cons, Factors To Consider


The world of speakers can be overwhelming when you’re entering it for the first time. Different speakers depend on many different conditions. It can be used in your stereo or home theater. Depending on this, two important categories are mainly considered Bookshelf speakers and Tower speakers.

Considering some important factors, you should decide which speaker will work for your stereo or home theater. This guide goes into the pros and cons: of properties and your home.

Let’s move on to it without further ado.

What is a Bookshelf Speaker?

Bookshelf speakers are commonly known as desktop speakers. They fit on shelves, stands, or any tall space. It cannot be placed directly on the floor because it does not have enough support to make it stand alone without support or a high place.

Bookshelf speakers are designed in two different modes: active and passive speaker mode. Active speakers have a built-in amplification system unlike passive speakers.

Most speakers are passive speakers without built-in amplification. You can use it with receiver amplification or any stereo.

As the name suggests, it does not need to be placed on a bookshelf. The term is only used to distinguish it from other speakers because it requires a supporting area.

These speakers are primarily 2-way speakers although 3-way speakers are also available. There are woofers and tweeters in their small cabinets.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bookshelf Speakers

Bookshelf speakers are the cheapest speakers for beginners and audiophiles. But it has some unique advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s go through them to choose.


  • Small in size and easily fits in small spaces.
  • Has accurate volume and balanced sound.
  • Allocation is friendly.
  • Ease of transportation.
  • Power options are available.


  • Lower Volume Limit.
  • No bass frequency response.
  • Lack of 3-way options more often.
  • Standards are required for better performance.

What is a Tower Speaker?

Tower speakers can easily stand on the floor without any support or specific site requirements. Because of this specialty, they are also called floor speakers.

Tower speakers have active and passive modes, just like Bookshelf speakers. But mostly, it appears in passive mode.

They have the main audio difference from the Bookshelf speakers due to some additional features. It contains bass, midrange, and tweeters, making them multi-driver speakers.

These features make a big difference in their volume quality. They are lean and tall looking, with a regular 3-way. While they occupy your floor space, they combine to enhance the beauty of your space.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tower Speakers

Tower speakers are a solid choice when you need to fill a large room with high-quality volume. Because of this, volume lovers usually choose it for a better experience.

Let’s take a quick look at its pros and cons.


  • High Max volume with quality sound
  • 3-way Options with separate room for frequency
  • High bass and frequency
  • Best for feeling immersed at high volume
  • There is no need for any support because they stand close to your ear


  • Not easy to carry or store because of the large size
  • Expensive option.
  • Covers the space in your area.
  • Must be well positioned to get maximum output

Three Things to Consider

You already have a basic knowledge of Bookshelf and Tower speakers, but it’s time to choose the best speakers for your next home theater or stereo.

You can only decide whether the tower or Bookshelf will give the highest output if you test the factors that affect the decision to a large extent.

Generally while choosing speakers, you should consider the following three aspects:

  • Sound quality
  • The room where the speakers are
  • Budget

1. Sound Quality

Sound quality is the main aspect to consider before buying any speaker. Not just Bookshelf or Tower speakers but any speaker. Basically this quality improves with the increase in price and its functionality.

You can determine the quality of the sound by checking the distortion or herniation that the sound has produced. If the speaker does not distort the sound signal, it is a good quality speaker. But if it fails to catch the signal efficiently and produces herniations, you should avoid it.

Sound quality can also be checked by analyzing its audible volumes in the high, mid, and low range. It should produce high frequencies so that low bass does not cause any problems. High quality Speakers can handle high bass or frequencies and produce high volume.

2. The Speaker’s Room

The room where the speaker is placed is very important. This is an inevitable factor that you should pay attention to. Tower speakers work best in large spaces, while Bookshelf speakers work in narrow and small spaces.

Tower speakers can be the perfect match if you need to set up a home theater in a living room. This is because they fill the room with energy and are not difficult to hear.

In contrast, Bookshelf speakers are the perfect match for your bedrooms. The rooms are small, and they don’t need tower speakers. A bookshelf can do it for your bedrooms and small spaces.

Always check the area before buying your speakers.

3. Budget

Regardless of your requirements, budget is always the main factor. You can buy a speaker for less than $50 to several thousand.

Bookshelf speakers are cheaper than Tower speakers, so if you are short on budget, you should buy bookshelf speakers instead of Tower speakers.

Consider Your Basic Sound Needs

The choice of speakers depends on your primary sound needs. It depends on what purpose you will use the speakers for.

A bookshelf can be great if you want to experience some video game sounds or learn. But if you’re looking for an immersive volume experience for your movie night, you should go with the Tower speakers.

It’s all about your audio needs.


Bookshelf or Tower speakers it’s all about your audio needs. We walk you through its pros and cons. All sizes, shapes, and environmental requirements are described above to help you choose the most suitable one. You can ask us in the comments below if you have any questions.


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