How To Fix Static In Headphones ?


Music is a well-known therapy that we often take, but sometimes it irritates us rather than relaxes us. Annoying distractions while listening to your favorite song will spoil your mood instead of providing entertainment.

Therefore, checking your headphones or other audio accessories comes first. Sometimes simplicity makes them more complex; the simpler they look, the more complicated you’ll get while straightening them if you’re one of those frustrated by the inconvenient static and buzz your headphones cause, don’t worry! We are ready to help you.

What is Static Noise in Headphones?

A sudden distracting or irrelevant sound from your headphones to the audio you are playing is static noise. Buzzing and Hissing sounds are also among the most static sounds. You may hear such inconvenient sounds from one or both sides of the headphone. And maybe while listening to music or when you increase the volume or any other changes.

In many cases, static noise increases due to physical changes or displacement of the headphone wire. Some cases are so severe that the headphones only work in certain positions. Now, are you wondering why your headphones are making Static noise? Then let’s not waste time and dive in to find out about the most common reasons behind static noise in headphones.

What Causes Static and Ringing in Headphones?

Headphones are a kind of best friend for young people and music lovers. So, you need to know how to use and care for it. Headphones are one of the most delicate and important accessories. There can be many reasons behind the static and buzzing noise in your headphones which include:-

1. Impurity

Headphones are a type of accessories that are used often but rarely looked to clean them. Dust and dirt can get into your headphones from anywhere affecting their performance. And not only block the sound but also become the reason behind Static noise.

2. Connectivity or Port Issue

The connection is the main element of the headphones. And we know that there are two types of headphones: wireless and wired. If you use wireless, you know how to view your handset’s settings and connections. And if you are using wired headphones then the reason is simple: check the wires connected to your phone.

Besides this, your headphones don’t always have to be wrong. There may be something wrong with your device. This is possible if you are using wired headphones and the port on your device is likely to be damaged.

3. Headphone Speaker and Sound Settings

Headphones are output hardware devices that have portable small speakers in them that pick up sound in your ears. Therefore, if the speakers of your headphones are damaged they can cause static noise. In addition, sound settings play an important role in the sound you listen to. If your settings are wrong or wrong, it can bring static noise to your ears.

How to Fix Static Noise in Headphones

Understanding and knowing the problem with your headphones is important not only to fix it but also to avoid returning to the same situation in the future. Here are some common ways to fix your static noise problems. Read carefully, maybe you can solve your problem at home.

1. Wrong or Loose Wires

This is one of the most common reasons behind static noise. The most common issue with wired headphones is in the middle of the connection of the cable plug, because it is the weakest point and usually the cut or damage of that part makes the static noise of the headphones. However, there may be a problem with the internal cables of the headphones which is not easy to fix and requires different equipment.

2. Headphone Jack Issues

Another common and normal issue is the headphone jack issue. Many people keep their phone screens and storage clean but forget to clean the ports. Whether it’s charging or the auxiliary port.

An uneven or oxidized auxiliary port can cause a barrier between the headphones and the device and can cause static noise. So, make sure the auxiliary port is clean. In addition, even after cleaning the port you notice static noise, then try to clean the audio jack of your headphones for better results.

3. Damaged Headphone Speaker

Damaged headphone speakers produce the most annoying static noise and also degrade the audio quality. Headphones have mini speakers, which can be damaged due to excessive use, high volume, dirt, or any other reason. So, if you feel that your speakers are blown you can replace the headphones or their speaker. However, replacing the speakers of headphones with new ones can be difficult, and you may need help from a professional for this.

4. Interference with Wireless Devices

The interference of physical barriers or the wireless devices between the Audio player and the wireless headphones can cause trouble in the connection, and the pair cannot communicate with the device smoothly, which can be a reason behind the static noise.

Wireless headphones connect based on Bluetooth signals. So make sure there is no physical barrier between the two and the headphones and the device is not further than the suggested distance.

5. Modified Audio Settings (including equalizer)

If you’re not happy with the audio, you’re listening even if you’ve explored all the important possibilities. Then you might need to check your audio settings. Audio adjustments are essential for a good listening experience. Therefore, it is better to keep the default settings of your device rather than experimenting with them.

6. Low quality Audio Source

The audio source is important to the static noise caused by your headphones. Downloading audio from third-party sites can damage not only the headphones but the device as well. Make sure the Audio source is appropriate and secure.

7. Low quality Headphones

There are many options in the market when it comes to buying headphones. And most of us are looking for budget-friendly ones. But what we forget is the expectation of the quality and the warranty of the headphones. Getting static noise from low quality and old headphones is a common issue. So, make sure you invest your money in headphones and don’t forget to change them when needed.

8. Damaged Laptop/PC Audio Drivers

After completing all kinds of checks and finding static noise in headphones, your audio is probably damaged. And these corrupt drivers can also crash your system and put you in more significant trouble. There are many ways to fix this issue including: – reinstalling drivers, updating them, scanning your system for any viruses, etc.


Headphones are used as everyday accessories and are very fragile no matter how expensive you buy them. You need to clean and maintain it well. Static noise can be caused by our irresponsibility and carelessness. However, if you get this issue from your old and trusted headphones, then keeping high expectations from them is a waste of time. And here the cost used to buy the accessory plays an important role, usually the expensive one is less disappointing than the cheap one.


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