Power Electronics Engineer At Cyient In Bengaluru


Location: Bangalore

Company: Cyient


  • Qualification: BTech/MTech in EEE/ECE/IT/TC/Power electronics
  • Expertise in System architecture, inverter/converter topologies, complete knowledge of printed circuit boards, thermal management and product enclosures and interactions.
  • Experience in modeling, development and testing of power electronic systems, including development of test plans and validation
  • Experience in developing Products that adhere to various industry standards and regulations in the aerospace / medical / defense / automotive / consumer / industrial domain.
  • Experience with medium voltage motor drives and high-voltage/high-power converters, various topologies and designs for AC-DC, DC-DC and DC-AC conversion systems for low, medium and high of wattage.
  • Design skills for fault tolerance, reliability, and manufacturing aspects
  • Experience managing projects with DO-254 and DO-160G or equivalent standards/standards
  • Experience in EMI/EMC mitigation techniques, pre-compliance testing & qualification

Job Description

  • Requirement acquisition, Design and development of Power converters, sensing, signal conditioning and analog/microcontroller-based control circuits
  • Schematics, simulations, component selection, magnetic design, loss calculations, thermal analysis, PCB placement and layout
  • Design verification testing, Environmental Pre-compliance Testing
  • Design for DO160G or equivalent standards and perform Power input test, temperature test, qualification test
  • Provide deliverables such as: complete Bill-of-Materials, block-diagrams, schematics, PCB design documentation, specifications, test data results, and other required documentation
  • Prepare technical presentations, proposals

Skills and Experience

Power Electronic Design – Motor Drives, Power Electronics Design, Power Electronics Design – Inverters / Converters


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