ST Flexes Its IoT Muscle At The IOTSHOW.IN 2022


STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, is participating in IOTSHOW.IN 2022, held in Bengaluru.

Based on the theme, “Internet of Things and Connectivity Technologies”, ST presents the cutting-edge and latest IoT technologies and applications, platforms, networks, which help organizations to build their own IoT solutions and development of new prototypes.

Demos from 3 main sections such as Smart Mobility, Power & Energy, and the Internet of Things & Connectivity and some interesting ones included Wireless charger 200W, USB Type C and Power Delivery, Power management for wearable and IoT, Face detection demo, STM32U5 , LoRa gateway, BLE based Smart Plug, BLE mesh lighting demo, Global Navigation System (GNSS) for STM32 and STM32MPU and ST25 Dynamic tag and NFC Readers for IoT applications, and more.

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Wireless Charger 100W:

This demo highlights the capabilities of the STWBC2 -HP, Which is a digital controller dedicated to the design of Qi-certified Wireless Power TX applications and also the capabilities of the STWLC98, Which is the receiver capable of harvesting up to 70W ;

STWBC2-HP is a SiP embedding the STM32G071, it is an ARM Cortex™-M0+ CPU with up to 128 k Flash memory and up to 32 k SRAM with parity check, with a clock frequency of up to at 64 MHz.

It also embeds a 12-bit, 0.5 μs ADC and provides UART, I2C, SPI and GPIOs. The STWBC2-HP can drive the DC-DC stage and the half or full bridge inverter stage of a generic Qi wireless battery charging TX. The STM32G071 embedded in the STWBC2-HP also provides two 12-bit DACs and a USB-PD controller.

The STWBC2-HP based wireless charger TX demo shown here supports up to a TX power of 100W+ with ST proprietary protocol (STSC) it also complies with Qi V1.3 EPP 15W with MP-A2 topology , and STSAFE-A110 authentication. Type-C input interface supports USB-PD 3.0, including PPS, etc., Innovative Q factor measurement for high accuracy QFOD (Foreign Object Detection), it also embeds Rich protections with static and dynamic OVP, OCP, OTP and power. balanced FOD, also has Optional proprietary extension for wider spatial freedom (XYZ)

The Receiver part is wired around the STWLC98 is a highly integrated wireless power receiver suitable for applications delivering output power up to 70W. The chip is designed to support Qi specifications 1.2.4 and 1.3 for inductive communication protocol with Extended Power Profile (EPP) and proprietary ST Super Charge(STSC) protocol for fast charging. With an integrated low-loss synchronous rectifier and low drop-out linear regulator, the STWLC98 achieves high efficiency with low power dissipation. We have a receiver solution based on STWLC99, capable of supporting up to 100W receiver applications.

Through the I2C interface the user can access and change the configuration parameters for customized applications, the final configuration parameters are stored in the embedded Few Times Programmable(FTP) non-volatile memory and are automatically retrieved at power-up. The device can also act as a wireless transmitter up to 15W (depending on the coil) Chip-Scale Package and low BOM count make it very suitable for compact applications.

Power management solutions for wearables and IoT:

ST offers state-of-the-art power management solutions for portable and wearable devices,

Here are the brief specs of the devices listed in this demo panel.

  • LDLN025 250 mA ultra-low noise LDO for noise sensitive data processing applications
  • The LDBL20 200 mA very low current linear regulator IC is for battery powered applications, and helps extend battery life.
  • LD39130S 300 mA very low quiescent current Linear regulator IC,
  • STLQ020 200 mA ultra-low quiescent current LDO
  • ST1S15 500 mA, 6 MHz synchronous step-down converter, for various step down low power applications.
  • ST1S12 0.7 A, 1.7 MHz adjustable, step-down switching regulator
  • STBC02 Li-Ion linear battery charger with LDO, load switch and reset generator for portable applications.
  • STC3115 Gas gauge IC with alarm output for handheld applications
  • STC3117 Gas gauge IC with battery charger control for handheld applications.

the panel shows battery efficient power management LDO, DC-DC and Small battery charging and Fuel gauge eval boards such as STEVAL-ISB017V1 – STC3117 battery fuel gauge evaluation board, the STEVAL-ISB041V1- battery power management evaluation board based on STBC02 and STEVAL – LDO001V1 – Evaluation platform for LDBL20, LDLN025, LD39130S and STLQ020 LDO’s,

USB Type-C and Power Delivery:

The demo is an active panel, able to charge your USB Type-C device.

Fast charging of mobile devices is an important part of the industry. Different standards are on the market such as USB type-C, USB Power Delivery and Qualcomm Quick Charge.

ST manufactures ICs to enable fast charging capabilities for any USB powered device.

We present STEVAL-USBPD45C, P-NUCLEO-USB002, STEVAL-ISC004V1, STEVAL-ISC005V1, & STEVAL-USBC2DP, evaluation boards in the Active panel,

The panel shows two different ways to implement architectures for adapters and smart charging in USB-C & PD applications: Programmable solutions and Auto-Run.

The two rows represent the usual scenario where the Source and Sink contract the available capabilities (5V, 9V and 15V) every 5sec.

The SOURCE is based on STEVAL-USBPD45C -45W USB Type-C™ Power Delivery adapter reference design based on STCH03, STM32F051 and STUSB1602A, and the SINK solution is STM32G071B-DISCO, Discovery kit with STM32G071RB MCU.

Auto-Run solution – The source is based on STEVAL-ISC004V1

: STUSB4710A evaluation board (with on-board DC-DC). And SINK is based on STREF-SCS001V1, which is a Fast and easy migration from DC barrel to Type-C with STUSB4500.

NFC Readers for IoT applications

ST25R3918B is a multipurpose NFC transceiver that supports NFC reader, passive peer-to-peer functionality and NFC card emulation mode.

It is optimized to achieve good reading ranges with low output power, even under noisy and harsh environments, using the receiver’s noise reduction technology.

This IC is optimized for IoT and industrial applications where excellent analog performance is required.

    • Main features of ST25R3918:
  • Noise suppression receiver (NSR)
  • Reduces interference from noise sources and increases immunity
  • Ensures electromagnetic immunity and facilitates certification
  • Active Wave Shaping (AWS) facilitates over- & under-shoot smoothing
  • Dynamic Power Output (DPO): 0.5W output power with dynamic power adjustment to optimize power transfer

Low power card detection achieves market leading power consumption using inductive wakeup


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