The World’s Smallest Tactile Switch


The world’s smallest tactile switch for use in smart wearables, health monitoring devices, and other battery-powered IoT devices.

NanoT switch on a coin (source: Littlefuse)

The Littlefuse Nano2 fuse switch is one of the smallest tactile switches in the world. These miniature, low voltage fuse switches are designed for use in circuits with a voltage rating of up to 250 VAC or 60 VDC. They are available in various sizes, from 2.5 x 2.5 mm to 5 x 7 mm, and are designed to protect circuits from overcurrent and short circuit conditions.

The switches have a compact size and a high interrupting rating, making them suitable for use in a wide range of applications, including consumer electronics, automotive systems, and industrial control systems. . These fuses are designed to meet the demands of high density circuit boards and are compatible with conventional surface assembly processes. The Nano2 fuse switch is suitable for use in smart wearables, health monitoring devices, and other battery-powered IoT devices.

“We are excited to release the NanoT switch, the world’s smallest tactile solution available today for high-end portable, wearable consumer and medical applications,” said Daisy Liu, Global Product Manager of C&K Switches, now part of Littelfuse. “They provide the smallest size, IP67 waterproof tact switch available. They use surface-mount technology (SMT) reflow process for the top version and Pin-in-Paste (PIP) reflow process for the side version .As a result, this product meets the market demand for small components while giving our customers the ability to provide high quality and high performance in their latest designs.

Advantages of NanoT:
• The ultra-compact size enables designers to increase functionality or reduce PCB size, providing significant space savings over other solutions on the market.
• Side-actuated package (2.2 x 1.70 x 1.65 mm) saves 35%.
• Top-actuated package (2.1 x 1.65 x 0.55 mm) saves 20%.
• PIP or SMT edge-mount versions allow excellent resistance to shock and shear testing, improving the lifetime of the equipment while reducing the layers of protections
• Life cycles of up to 300K offer superior reliability, reducing the chance of costly repairs.
• IP67 provides end-user customers with high reliability waterproof functionality.
• Operating force options of 100, 160, and 240 gf provide the most common versions required in the market.


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