LM2587 DC-DC Step-Up Module

LM2587 DC-DC Step-Up Module


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DC to DC Module based on LM2587 Step-Up
(Boost) Regulator

Non-Isolated Step-Up Module

Input Voltage : DC 3-24V

Input Current : 5Amp (Max)

Output Voltage : DC 4-30v

Output Current : Rated 3A ( peak 5A)

Output Power : 30watt without Heat Sink

35watt with Heat Sink

Output ripple : 20M bandwidth (for
reference only)

Operating temperature : Industrial grade
(-40 to +85)

Full load temperature rise : 45

Load Regulation : ± 0.5%

Voltage regulation rate : ±0.5%

Dynamic response speed:5% 200uS

Dimensions: Length (3.8 ) * width ( 5.2) * high (2.0)

Note: There is no Short circuit protection
& no Input reverse polarity protection.

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