12V/24V 15A Solar Charge Controller

12V/24V 15A Solar Charge Controller


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C2415 15A

Charge Controller
battery controller, solar system controller) applies in solar photovoltaic
systems, which coordinates the operation of solar panels, batteries and loads.
It adds more protection functions, so the entire system can be more efficient
and safe in operation.

Designed for medium sized solar photovoltaic system, C2415 15A solar
charge controllers adopts the latest and most advanced technology to fulfill
overcharge and over-discharge protection. Through Pulse Wide-frequency
Modulation, overcharge protection ensures rapid and stable charging for


  1. CPU control

  2. Automatic recognition of input voltage

  3. Applicable to various types of durable batteries

  4. Micro processing controller Pulse Modulation Wide-frequency (PWM) charge

  5. Setting the voltage of low voltage cut-off/resuming connection of the DC
    output of the load port

  6. Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation

  7. Protective circuit of PV from reverse-charging.

  8. Overload protection

  9. Overcharge protection

  10. Short circuit protection

  11. Temperature compensate

  12. Reverse polarity connection protection

  13. Converse discharge protection

  14. Thunder protection

  15. Low voltage protection

Technical Details:

  1. Model:C2415

  2. Rated Voltage:12V/24V Automatic voltage recognition

  3. Max load current:15A

  4. Input Voltage:12V~17V/24V~34V

  5. Length≤1m,Charge loop drop:<0.25V

  6. Length≤1m,Discharge loop drop:<0.05V

  7. Over voltage protection:17V/34V

  8. Full charge cut:13.7V

  9. Low voltage cut:10.5v~11v/21v~22v

  10. Temperature compensation:-3mv/℃/cell

  11. No load loss:≤20mA

  12. Max wire area:2.5mm2

  13. Ambient temperature:-25℃——+55℃



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