AMC7135 1400mA Regulated Led Driver

AMC7135 1400mA Regulated Led Driver


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1400mA AMC7135 IC chip Based Regulated
Power Output Led Driver

Suitable for CREE, SSC, Lumiled, and
Luxeon K2 Emitters

1400mA (+/- 10%) Regulated Power Output

4x AMC7135 IC chip

17mm diameter base, 3mm overall depth,
gold plated circuit board

Suitable for Lumiled, and Luxeon K2
emitters (Cree XR-E, SSC ZPower not recommended as output current is dangerously
high for those emitters)

Recommended input voltage range: 3.6V~4.5V
(such as 1x rechargeable lithium battery, 2xAA, 2xAAA, 3xAA, and 3xAA batteries

Note Never Short Driver Output otherwise
It will burnt Out.

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