PWM RF 12V 8Amp LED Dimmer

PWM RF 12V 8Amp LED Dimmer


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DC 12V 8A RF REMOTE Dimmer

dimmer is a controller that can adjust brightness infinitely, its
control mode is wireless control, and you could adjust light to the
appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need.

Supply voltage: DC12V

Rated load current: 8A

Output power: 12V96W

Output: 1 channel

Working temperature: -20-60°C

size: L116*W57*H34 mm

Net weight: 83.5g

Gross weight: 108g


Package includes

  • DC 12V 8A RF LED Single Channel Dimmer

  • Remote Control

  • English User Manual

  • Connect the load wire at first,
    following by the power wire

    please ensure short circuit cannot occur between
    connecting wire before you turn on the power

    Adopt wireless control, you could
    increase brightness, reduce brightness or turn on/off controller at
    any time.


    The input voltage of this controller should be follow the
    specifications. other high voltage would most probably destroy it. 
    Connect the wires of the controller and LED fittings as per the

    1,Supply voltage of this
    product is DC12V; it is forbidden for others.

    2,Never connect two wires directly in case of short

    3,Lead wire should be connected correctly according to
    that connecting diagram offers.

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