Digital PWM DC 12V 5A LED Dimmer

Digital PWM DC 12V 5A LED Dimmer


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DC 12V 5A Digital Dimmer

The 12V Dimmer Kit V2 is an especially
efficient PWM (pulse-width modulation) controller for 12V loads up to 60 watts.
It features a single dial control for 0-100% output as well as a pushbutton
input that steps through five preset power levels.

Supply voltage: 3-16V DC

Rated load current: <5A

Output power: 12V<60W Max

PWM Frequency: 140Hz.

Output: 1 channel

Working temperature: -20-60°C

size: L63.4*W28*H12.8 mm

User Controls

Dial adjustment: Rotate the dial from far left (0% output) to far
right (100% output).
Pushbutton: Push the button to advance from 0% (fully off), 1%, 10%, 25%, 50%
and 100% power levels.
Push the button again to repeat the sequence. The 12V Dimmer remembers the last
setting even if power is interrupted.
One or more external pushbuttons can be connected to the 12V Dimmer Kit V2 via
the “STEP” connector
on the PCB. Use normally-open (NO), single-pole single-throw (SPST) momentary
action switches


Package includes


  • DC 12V 5A LED Single Channel Dimmer

    Connect your power supply to the “POWER” terminal block. Make sure to observe
    the correct polarity ( + and – ). Connect your load to the “LOAD” terminal
    block. The correct polarity is indicated on the PCB

    Connect the load wire at first,
    following by the power wire

    please ensure short circuit cannot occur between
    connecting wire before you turn on the power



    The input voltage of this controller should be follow the
    specifications. other high voltage would most probably destroy it.
    Connect the wires of the controller and LED fittings as per the

    1,Never connect two wires directly in case of short

    2,Lead wire should be connected correctly according to
    that connecting diagram offers.



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