Bluetooth Based Asset Tracking Module For Indoor Tracking Applications.


  • ANT-B11 is a Bluetooth-based compact antenna board that improves indoor location tracking of any asset.
  • This module is suitable for positioning applications where 2D mapping of properties is required.
u blox ANT B11 module Source u Blox

The u-blox ANT-B11 is a compact antenna board that can accurately track an object using Bluetooth Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) technology. The ANT-B11 board delivers high-precision direction finding and 2D indoor positioning making it suitable for commercial tracking solutions, ideal for mid-size direction finding and indoor positioning applications. -on spaces. The company also provides applications that allow users to track an asset and plan their positions in applications that aim for 2D visualization.

ANT-B11 is the smallest Bluetooth Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) antenna board for commercial tracking solutions. It features u-Blox’s NINA-B411 Bluetooth 5.1 module for connectivity. The antenna board also runs the company’s u-connectLocate software, which implements u-Blox’s unique angle calculation algorithm. Together with an application board, the ANT-B11 acts as an indoor Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) anchor point. The angle calculated on the antenna board does not require any additional processing. Thus, making the module ready for use out of the box.

“ANT-B11 is the smallest Bluetooth AoA antenna board in production. A perfect building block for indoor infrastructure, reliable and affordable,” said Giorgos Marakis, Product Strategy, Short Range Radio, on u-Blox.

ANT-B11 can improve indoor location tracking that cannot be done accurately with GNSS modules. ANT-B11 can be integrated into commercial tracking solutions, ideal for direction finding applications and indoor positioning in medium-sized spaces. This product is suitable for positioning applications where 2D mapping of properties is required. The module can be used in any direction finding application. It can be used to track assets in indoor areas, provide building access, and avoid collisions, making it ideal for industrial, retail, and medical environments.


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