DIY Portable Radiation Detector using Geiger Counter Module


Portable Radiation Detectors

We designed a nuclear radiation detector that can measure and detect alpha, beta, and gamma radiation and alert us when its radiation is too high and harmful for us.

Here we use muller tube and Geiger counter circuit to capture nuclear radiation.

Let’s start with a little background science on radiation and detectors before we go into building them.

Nuclear radiation is one of the most dangerous and deadly things for the whole environment. Atomic radiation should be detected at an early stage otherwise the whole nature will suffer.

Nuclear fusion is one of the most powerful sources of energy generation. But we humans carelessly use nuclear fusion for the development and testing of nuclear weapons.

Many times the leakage or explosion of the nuclear reactor causes the suffering of the entire city and country and the radiation kills not only people but the entire natural habitat.

So we must continue to monitor the nuclear reactor and also nuclear weapons and monitor any radiation leakage from those reactors and weapons.

So let’s start the project with the following components.

Radiation Detector using ESP32
DIY Radiation Detector

Bill of Materials

Parts of Radiation Detectors
Parts list

Portable Radiation Detector – Code

First, install the ESP32 board in the Arduino IDE using the instructions provided in the following link.

Now install the Geiger module library according to the Geiger module you are using. Here I am using the DF robot Geiger Module.

Now in the code, we need to set the pin for reading the sensor data from the Geiger counter module. Here I am using GPIO2 pin for that.

Now add the OED module library; also set the setup function and then create the loop function where you have to chalk the nuclear radiation reading and show it on the display.

Radiation Detector Code
Source Code

Download the code

Radiation Detector Circuit Diagram

Now connect the components according to the following circuit diagram and place the miller tube inside the tube place defined as part of the Giger nuclear counter module.

Radiation Detector Circuit Diagram
Circuit Connection


Now power on the device and it will start showing the nuclear radiation value which is presented nearby if the value is too high and the nuclear radiation will harm you, then it will start making a sound with a buzzer.

If you bring the device near the nuclear bomb, then it will start making the sound. If you go near radioactive materials or stones such as marble, uranium-based stones, or stone, then it shows value and starts to make a sound.

If you have any doubts or face any issues while making this portable radiation detector, please feel free to ask in the comments below.


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