Innovative Wireless Power Solution Designed For Small IoT Devices


The Powermat PMT 100 is a hybrid solution that uses inductive wireless and resonance charging techniques for higher efficiency.

The Powermat PMT 100 is a wireless charging solution that allows small IoT devices to be charged more safely at faster speeds. The Powermat PMT 100 is a hybrid solution that uses both inductive wireless charging and resonance, thus, creating more power, more freedom of positioning, longer ranges between wireless power transmitters and receivers , and low implementation costs. In addition, the module does not require any external receiver, microcontroller and few peripheral components, thus reducing the complexity of the design and cost while also reducing the size of the product.

The Powermat PMT 100 enables a higher level of performance and a seamless charging user experience at a price that supports the scale. The PMT 100 is suitable for use in a variety of applications including small medical, lifestyle, and smart home internet of things (IoT) devices.

“IoT unlocks enormous business value and stands to change many aspects of our society,” said Powermat CEO Elad Dubzinski. “Whether in the form of small personal health trackers that detect exposure to COVID or home security systems, these devices need reliable wireless power and seamless connectivity to unlock their full potential. -function – where the Powermat is.”

The PMT 100 receiver is designed for small form factor IoT devices for wireless power and charging, supporting battery charging functionality and smart battery interfaces. With no receiver microcontroller and minimal peripheral components, the Powermat PMT 100 supports the design and development of smaller, smarter portable products and reduces the overall cost of implementing wireless power by up to 50 percent.

Powermat PMT 100 Wireless Power Solution Key Features
• Very small PCBA enabling product miniaturization
• Easy drop and pay solution for increased misalignment and angular device placement
• Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
• Battery charging and smart battery interface support
• Cost-saving solution – up to 50% cost reduction compared to standard wireless power receivers
• Powermat transmitter solution compatible


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