Magnilink 360 PRO Magnetic Charging Cable Review


We are surrounded by small and portable electronic devices and gadgets. Portability means that it has a battery that we need to charge on a regular basis (daily, alternate days, weekly, etc., depending on the device) and charging means USB . Constantly plugging and unplugging the charging cable of our smartphones, Wireless earbuds, etc. can damage the connector or in the worst case it can damage the port of the device.

What if we could avoid this damage to the charging port (or the cable) but charge the device fast? This is where the Magnetic Charging Cable comes in handy. No. We’re not talking about wireless charging but a wired connection with a bit of magnetic magic.

We recently got our hands on the Magnilink 360 PRO Magnetic Charging Cable. It has a USB Type-C Connector on one end and a magnetic link on the other. You can connect any of the three adapters to this end and charge and sync your devices.

This is the review of the Magnilink 360 PRO Magnetic Charging Cable. We wrote this review after using and testing the device thoroughly for its ease of use, magnetic snapping action, power delivery, data transfer, and more. Read on to know more about our thoughts and impressions on the same.


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