What Size Generator For Travel Trailer ?


Travel trailers are a fun way to take your camping or long trip with ease and peace of mind, but they can be overwhelming and frustrating if you don’t know how it works. You may be enjoying your joyride or road trip when your RV batteries die, and you don’t have the option to recharge because you’re nowhere near shore power.

To avoid this situation, you need a generator trailer to travel with you on your adventure. Otherwise, your fun adventure will turn into a horrible and terrifying experience.

Now you have to think about what kind of generator do I need. How do I find the best one for my travel trailer? Don’t rush. In this article, we will discuss each factor and characteristic so that you can make your decision effective and fruitful. So let’s get into it without further ado.

Understanding the RV Generator

An RV generator is a recharge or power station for dying or dead batteries in your RV. They provide electricity to travel trailers and keep them running when there is no power. They are useful and unavoidable if you are not near any shore power to keep your travel trailer from dying.

Some travel trailers have built-in generators, while others do not. You should check your category before considering a generator for your travel trailer. If the trailer has an in-built one, it’s fine, but if it doesn’t, you’ll have to buy a portable generator. The nature of the generator does not affect the charging or electrical capacity of the generator because the generator produces electricity by using diesel, gasoline, or propane. The decision depends on various factors, which we will discuss below. Generators are not the only option to fuel batteries, but they are considered a safety measure for everyone. They don’t let your RV power down until they have gas. It is advisable to consider a generator before deciding on a long trip.

Size of Generator for Travel Trailer You Need

Deciding on the size of your RV generator depends solely on your RV’s wattage needs. The more watts you use in your RV, the more powerful the generator you need. If you don’t calculate your watts and go to the generator without estimates, you could face a crash while charging or running your RV.

Generators are usually powered by Watts, but Kilowatt generators are also available. They range between 1000-4000 watts. In kilowatts, it will be 1.5-4 KW. You can choose both because there is no power difference between watts and kilowatts, they are just different units.

What Factors to Consider While Choosing a Travel Trailer Generator?

As we mentioned at the beginning that the purchase of a generator depends on many different factors that need to be considered before doing it for your RV, let’s talk about it:

1. Price

Your budget, the price, and the quality of the generator are inevitable when deciding on your RV generator. In the case of travel trailers, the price is usually the same as the quality of the generator. The higher the price, the better the quality. But you should not forget to research the manufacturer’s company before buying.

2. Change

Poundage plays an important role in generator selection. You should check the weight or weight of the generator before buying because this will decide where you will place your generator in your RV. Usually generators are mounted on the bumpers of the RV, but if you don’t want to put them up high, you will need to make a special compartment for them in your RV.

Generators range from very high poundage to very low. It just depends on how many watts it is. Heavy generators have high power and vice-versa.

You need to take care of this factor because heavy things are difficult to carry in your RV on a long trip or trip,

3. Power Requirements and Noise

Power requirements are determined by estimating your RV’s wattage requirements. You need to calculate the Watts you will use in your RV and then buy a generator accordingly. If you are not used to air conditioners and heaters in your RV, you are better off using a small power generator. It can be from 2000-2500. But if you have high-power appliances in your RV, you should go for a high-power generator.

The power requirement alone is not something to consider but the noise it produces should also be checked. If the generator makes noise above 50-60 decibels, try to avoid it as it will spoil your daily adventure and sleep at night. So check the power requirements and noise of the generator before buying.

4. Fuel Efficiency and Fuel Type

Filling your generator’s fuel tank repeatedly is not what you want and that is why you need to check the efficiency of your generator’s fuel tank. If you are a more adventurous person and go camping most of the year, you should have a generator with good fuel storage capacity. If it has a small area, you have to make a refill often which is tedious and tiring. No one on an adventure likes it. Try to buy a generator with enough fuel storage capacity.

There are three types of fuel you can use in your generator: gas, diesel, and propane. You can use any of these depending on the nature of your RV generator.

What Are the Different Types of Travel Trailer Generators?

Travel trailer generators are unique when we talk about their various uses. These generators are available in three different ways:

  • Built-in generators
  • Portable generators
  • Inverter generators

The generators that are already in your travel trailers are called built-in generators. These are excellent options in terms of power availability because they easily range from 2500-1200 watts, and you don’t need to install them.

You can easily use it by pushing a button and vice-versa. You don’t need to manage them because they are already there. The downside for built-in generators is that they will cost you more bucks to service as they are built-in to your RV. They can only be used in your RV and you can’t take them with you or take them where you need them.

Portable generators are a good option if you don’t have any built-in generators as they are more cost effective than the latter. They can be found in the range of 2000-4000, but 12000 watts are also available on the market. You can use them for other purposes as well as they are not built-in and can be carried.

Inverter generators are the best choice if you want a generator without noise. They have the lowest decibel nose with reduced fuel consumption But Remember; they are not very budget-friendly. You have to spend a lot for them.

Need Power for My Travel Trailer

To determine the power of your generator, you must first check and make a list of all the appliances in your RV. All the low power tools and the high power. You should discuss each one and make a list. Then check their watts and mention them.

Appliances’ watts are usually on the back end of the appliance, but if you can’t find it you can Google it and look for it there. Average all the watts used by your appliances and then go for powering your RV generator according to the average watts,

How Many Watts Does a Travel Trailer Generator Need?

Watt selection is made by analyzing your RV appliances. Let’s say you have a heater or air conditioner in your RV, you can easily spend at least 2500 watts which is quite a lot more than a refrigerator that only takes 700-900 watts. You should analyze your devices before deciding on your Travel watts.

Well, you don’t use all the tools, but you need to calculate the safe zone.

Do We Need a Generator for a Small Travel Trailer?

Whether you’re considering a short trip or even a long adventure, you need an RV generator because you won’t be allowed to run out of power and battery in your RV during your trip. But Watt power can be judged according to the journey. If you have to go for a short trip, you can consider buying a low power generator instead of a high one. This factor can vary but having a generator in your RV is inevitable.


Having a generator for your travel trailer is essential, and you cannot deny its importance and contribution to your journey. You need to know the size of the generator you need for this. In this article, we describe all the factors and qualities of the best RV generator for your travel trailer. But if you still have questions, you can ask us in the comments below.


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