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This new AI powered code reader offers a variety of features that enable it to meet a wide application range.

Credit Keyence

Keyence has introduced a new AI powered code reader that can be used to scan various applications. The new SR-X series of AI Powered code readers is a compact device, 72% smaller than conventionally used models. However the device provides high reading performance for many different codes.

AI, integrated with the latest decoding algorithms, provides robust reading between processes, tracking changes in codes that occur from one process to another. The device is able to link code readers between processes for improved reading performance. With these connections, the operating status and current settings of the readers in the same network can be viewed together in a list. Automatic focus adjustment and fully automatic tuning make setup easy at the press of a button.

The various applications that the device can be used for scanning include: Color changes due to heat treatment of lead frames, metal hairline content of the battery case, even recording of testtube/bottle reflections.

AI Imagings recording sensor has a stained QR code | Credit Keyence

The device consists of an in-house developed imaging lens that effectively uses the entire area captured by the CMOS image sensor, ensuring readability even in the corners of the image. The integrated design provides fully automatic configuration of the best settings without the need to select equipment or adjust settings. Readers only need to configure the best lighting conditions for the target.

Robust readability is possible regardless of code quality changes, and it is now possible to visualize changes between processes. The SR-X Series can connect readers to the same network, making it possible to analyze code changes for each process in real time. Linking code information from readers in previous processes to those in subsequent processes makes it possible to read for codes with shine, stains, scratches, or other damage.


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