Highly Integrated USB Decoder IC


AP43776Q supports USB power delivery (PD) 3.1 standard power range (SPR) and programmable power supply (PPS).

The AP43776Q USB decoder IC from Diodes is a highly integrated, dual-channel, USB Type-C, PD3.1 / PPS, BC 1.2 and QC protocol decoder. It supports USB power delivery (PD) 3.1 standard power range (SPR) and programmable power supply (PPS). It supports legacy battery charging (BC) 1.2 as well as Quick Charge QC5, fast charging protocols and is ideal for multi-port automotive USB device charging systems.

The AP43776Q has a built-in microcontroller unit (MCU) with 12kB of one-time programmable (OTP) ROM, plus a multi-time programmable (MTP) ROM resource tool. It has an I2C interface that enables inter-chip communication with DC-DC controllers and converters in the charging system. This simplifies the control loop and lowers the overall component cost. The device can support the full PPS APDO (augmented power data object) from 3.3V to 21V with 20mV/step voltage resolution and up to 6A current with 50mA/step resolution for power management.

AP43776Q also offers an embedded MCU and built-in ADC converters for voltage and temperature measurement, where overtemperature protection (OTP) and other specific functions can be implemented through I2C pins and rich GPIO pins. Working with two I2C-equipped Buck-Boost controllers or converters with PD3.1 PPS output circuitry, the AP43776Q serves as an I2C master and supports two independent PD3.1 PPS charging applications without using an additional output which enables MOS chips for each PD3 .1 output port.

AP43776Q has a built in firmware. It can support various smart power-management functions such as power-sharing scheme between two attached USB Type-C PD devices, low-battery power de-rating, thermal power de-rating, LED light indication, etc. yet. can also be interconnected through a UART (GPIO) pin to implement a smart power-sharing scheme for all four connected USB Type-C ports attached to a fixed power source.

Features of AP43776Q

    • AEC-Q100 Qualified
    • Dual-channel independent USB Type-C PD3.1/PPS decoder
    • USB-IF PD3.1/PPS certified TID: 6206
    • Quick Charge QC5 certified No.: QC20211008263
    • Type-C PD Display Port Alternative mode
    • Built-in ADC and multi-channel multiplexer for voltage and temperature measurement
    • e-Marker detection and VCONN 30mA capability
    • Cable loss charges
    • I2C Interface and Interrupt
    • CC1/CC2 to VBUS short protection up to 24V
    • Moisture check between DP and DN
    • Thermal protection through external NTC
    • Halogen and Antimony Free.


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