Binay I-Fogsense Intelligent Antifog Power Led Flood Lights


Fog is a major disadvantage in the safety of operations in various applications (such as mines, airports, ports etc.) The two major options used to combat visibility problems during fog is (a) increasing the intensity of the light output, and (b) ) lower (warmer) color temperatures (CCT) of the light output (which probably improves the light entering the fog). Both methods have inherent disadvantages; higher wattage consumption on a permanent basis is a waste of energy, while warm CCT reduces visibility under normal (clear or non-fog) conditions.

BINAY I-FOGSENSE INTELLIGENT ANTIFOG PowerLED Flood Light incorporates an intelligent fog detection unit to dynamically increase the light intensity (up to 2X) Or change the color temperature (or both), when the presence of fog is detected in included IntelliFog Detector. .

As an example, upon detecting the presence of fog our 200W Ultra High Efficacy I-FOGSENSE model that emits 30,000 lumens will automatically increase the output to 60,000 lumens at 400W power consumption.

These PowerLED lights use very reliable Ultra High Efficacy LEDs (with a system efficiency of 165 to 180 lm/Watt and more.) Energy savings can be as much as 40% (of standard LEDs) and more more than 70% of conventional lighting, when LEDs are combined with energy saving controls. They offer the following advantages:

• Automatic fog detection and dynamic real-time brightness adjustment OR CCT ​​change (or both) to improve visibility in foggy conditions

• Automatic Dawn and Sunset detection with Realtime Daylight lux sensing and dynamic automatic light activation depending on the lux level on the ground

• BINAY I-FOGSENSE PowerLED lights operate on BINAY PLCDC DRIVER-LESS Low Voltage Nanogrid Technology. It emphasizes the extreme safety of personnel and operation from electric shock, since the operation is in safe SELV voltage ratings of ± 48VDC (as certified by IEC), exceeding the pre-scribed DGMS safety guidelines for 110V. In addition, the lights are isolated from high voltage circuits.

• Designed life of 10-15 years.

• The LEDs used are rated for 100,000 hours of life, with an LED Efficacy of up to 230 lm/W

• 40% Power Savings of conventional LED Lights – up to 80% greater light output than conventional LED lights of the same wattage.

• The PLCDC Nanogrid Technology also greatly reduces the risk of fire (as the lower rating of the 48V PLCDC has a lower sparking potential).

• Compared to conventional 400W LED high mast lights that generate 40,000 lumens of light, BINAY Ultra High Efficacy I-FOGSENSE Pow-erLED Lights provide the same light output (40kLm) with an energy-saving power consumption which is 242W.

• All BINAY I-FOGSENSE PowerLED flood lights are easily dimmed WITHOUT the use of expensive and complex dimming drivers, and therefore can be simply turned off when needed (thus enabling more power saving).

• ALDC (Anti Light Degradation Compensation): All LEDs degrade in light output with time. The ALDC part of BINAY PLCDC Lighting Technol-ogy can be incorporated, which allows the light to have the same light output even after 5-10 years of operation. This results in huge capital cost savings for the user, as there is no need to change the lights due to normal light deterioration (which is an expensive activity).

• ULS (Uninterrupted Light Supply): Another feature of our system is the option of simple battery backup – the system can be easily connected to a lithium or lead acid power bank at a very low cost, and thus can provide uninterrupted light output from LED Lights for short periods of up to 30 minutes or more (when the diesel generator does not work or fails, or needs to be refueled). This provides additional safety during night operations.


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