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BIS Certification Driving Awareness Program for Electronic Products Compliance is a Brand Liaison initiative to promote BIS certification in the Indian market. This program is designed to spread awareness about BIS certification, its importance and its requirement for products imported or manufactured in India. It also provides information on how to get BIS certification and the process involved. The program also provides guidance for importing businesses and manufacturers on how to obtain BIS certification for their products and how to ensure compliance with BIS regulations. By increasing awareness of BIS certification, Brand Liaison aims to improve product safety and quality in the Indian market.

The Driving Awareness Program for Electronic Products Compliance is a valuable Brand Liaison initiative that benefits both consumers and businesses.

In the last two years, the product list for required certification has grown to more than 500 items and it is still growing. All these products need to be certified before they can be released in the Indian market, causing a sharp increase in the demand for professional certification consultants. It can be difficult for merchants and manufacturers alike to find an ideal partner that meets their aesthetic standards while meeting all of their service needs.

As a compliance-centric industry, it is imperative to adhere to government regulations and policies. Compliance consulting firms often lack customization options; however, they can do this by providing efficient technical expertise and professional guidance.

With an impressive decade of expertise, Brand Liaison has established itself as a top-notch certification consulting firm. Their approach is very clear and they offer accurate updates about the status of their product certification process to the future success of their clients. This one-stop shop acts not only as an advisor but also as a compliance partner in finding entities to save them energy and time!

Mr. Rajesh Kumar is the proud founder of Brand Liaison, a company specializing in compliance management services. He said “Since 2014, we have been focused on providing our customers with the registration-approval-certification process required to launch their product into the Indian market. Our aim then and always has been to help it is your business to achieve its full potential by ensuring that you comply with all applicable laws in India”.

Brand Liaison has a team of experts who are good at managing compliance and have the right kind of training. Due to the help of experts, the company has grown and is now one of the most prominent compliance management service providers in India. Brand Liaison assists its clients in obtaining appropriate approvals, registrations and certifications, such as BIS-CRS Registration, BIS-ISI Certification, BEE Registration, EPR Authorization for (E-waste & P-waste), WPC/ETA Approval, TEC Certification , and other necessary certifications so that they can sell their products in the Indian Market. Brand Liaison also offers Brand Representation Service, which is required by law for any foreign manufacturer seeking certification and registration for the Indian market.

Mr. Rajesh is also a member of the Central Governing Council (CGC) of the Service Export Promotion Council (SEPC) and heads the consultancy/Business Management Service Sector in India. SEPC is setup by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India.


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