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Wireless speakers are a trend today. You can find them regularly in almost every home. Or you see any of your friends talking about their new wireless speakers. However, it is difficult to accept that wireless speakers are more convenient than regular ones. When we talk about wired speakers, our first thought is a lot of wires, messy, not very tidy table view. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Not everyone can be financially strong enough to hold a competition or match the fashion of friends and just go and buy expensive wireless speakers. First it’s not an asset or something you should do, right? Here we have a better alternative, and that is to change your regular speakers to wireless speakers. Sounds like a savings, right? Let’s dive in.

How to make Regular Wireless Speakers

Making your wired speakers wireless is less of an issue if you know how to do it right. You need to access these audio signals and transmit them on radio frequencies using a compatible device that properly connects to them. You can use a wireless speaker kit or different methods to do this. Let’s talk about other ways to make wireless speakers.

Making Active Speakers Wireless

Let’s say you’re interested in making your speakers wireless but you want to buy something other than a wireless speaker kit. You can implement it through this method. You may have active 2.1 speakers. They perform very well and deliver great sound effects. However, you decide to remove the wires. To do this, first know the reason you want to go wireless or what its main purpose is.

Due to certain reasons, the method differs from one method to another. If you want the speakers to connect to your phone or stream movies to your home theater, You can connect virtual Bluetooth devices to your main audio system; Amazon Echo Dot or Google Chromecast audio. All this can make your speakers wireless for a few dollars because they are cheap.

Method 1: Bluetooth Receiver

The connection with Bluetooth devices is the easiest and most convenient way. You can connect a Bluetooth device as little as you like or choose an expensive one that fits your budget. The cheapest Bluetooth receiver can cost as little as $25. It is possible to increase your spending budget.

The Bluetooth receiver works by connecting it to the speaker’s digital input. It converts the speaker’s analog audio into digital signals that produce sound without wires being connected.

Method 2: Google Chromecast Audio

If you’re thinking of using something other than Bluetooth to make the speakers wireless, choose Google Chromecast audio. Chromecast Audio from Google Chromecast Audio is preferred because it can create unique audio effects and allows you to have a more enjoyable experience than Bluetooth.

You might be wondering what the reason is. It’s simple. WiFi is more reliable and faster than Bluetooth. Bluetooth is slow and provides less data than WiFi, which reduces audio quality.

Now let’s see how you can connect Google Chromecast to your speakers. This is not an issue because you need to buy a Chromecast audio device and connect the AUX cable to your speakers. After installation, you need a Chromecast-enabled application installed on your smartphone to stream audio or music to your speakers. It can be a VLC media player or any other player that is allowed to work with Google Chromecast.

Google Chromecast works, so look around until you see some shortcomings. After you activate some Cast features for desktops, you can access Google Chromecast audio on your computer or laptop. Another issue to deal with is slow audio playback when watching YouTube videos. These are the major drawbacks that keep it in the lower range.

Method 3: Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon offers a variety of options for making your speakers wireless. The most widely used and most practical option is the Amazon Echo Dot. The Amazon Echo Dot can be configured with just one speaker or multiple speakers around your home and can be used as an all-speaker system.

All you need to do is connect the Echo Dot directly to the home WiFi and connect it to Amazon Alexa. The Amazon Alexa App helps you set up this device and lets you stream your music straight to your phone. It’s the cheapest alternative you’ll find from Amazon’s wide selection of wireless speakers.

Another important aspect that makes The Echo Dot unique is that it has built-in Bluetooth. It allows you to connect your speakers as you would with various Bluetooth receivers.

To summarize, you can connect your Echo Dot to your speaker using two simple methods: via WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

Its disadvantage is the same as Google Chromecast Audio. YouTube audio and video need to be synced, which makes it uninteresting and confusing to watch.

Method 4: WiFi Receiver

If you need help making Google Chromecast and Echo Dot suitable for your needs and looking for options. No need to worry. Various devices can connect to WiFi to receive and perform amazing works and provide the highest quality audio. They are relatively expensive because they provide more output. Other options to choose from are:


Bluesound Node 2

ARIES MINI and many more.

They allow you to connect multiple speakers and create your multi-connect theater.

Choosing the best one is based on the device you are connecting to. When you buy a wireless speaker, consider whether it will be connected to your computer or mobile phone. This is because every electronic device has different features that are different from others.

It is recommended to use a Bluetooth receiver if the purpose is to stream some audio from your phone or watch a film because it does not require a lot of data and can be used perfectly with your phone’s display in audio.

If you are planning to buy it a Pc (or laptop), make sure you know the features of the device before making your final choice.

Method 5: Bluetooth Receiver or Bluetooth Transceiver With aptX Support

These Bluetooth-enabled devices can be the most practical option if you want to keep an eye on your budget. They are cheap. Bluetooth receivers are cheaper than other devices you can choose to buy.

Bluetooth receivers that support aptx work seamlessly with mobile phones. Like all mobile phones, they usually have aptx support built-in. This is the most important part of almost every other mobile phone.

The Bluetooth option is a smoothie feature until you integrate it, but if your device doesn’t have one, you’ll need a wireless kit.

Method 6: Wireless kit (transmitter + receiver)

We talked about the wireless kit earlier. It consists of a transmitter as well as a receiver.

a. Bluetooth kits

Bluetooth kits are an option for wireless kits. They work with a Bluetooth transmitter as well as a Bluetooth receiver. Both devices must operate in a low-latency mode to ensure an effective connection and function. Set the transmitter and receiver at the same latency to enjoy excellent quality wireless audio.

It is important to ensure the appropriate latency as you will probably hear a terrible sound If your system needs to be balanced.

b. RF kits

Another option for a wireless kit is called RF. It works on the same principles as Bluetooth kits do. The transmitter must be connected to your main device and the receiver to the speaker. That’s easy, and you’re good to go. It produces sound that is effortless and unobstructed.

Making Passive Speakers Wireless

In the previous article, we discussed the creation of active wireless speakers. Let’s now talk about how to make a passive speaker wireless. Passive speakers are usually rear speakers and require a longer wireless conversion. This is because you need to study it and choose a suitable speaker from the front or active speakers.

In this case, you will connect a transmitter to your smartphone or other devices that you use to send the signal and the receiver to the speakers on the back. It is best to monitor your receiver with a built-in amplifier. Otherwise, you buy an external amplifier, and need to connect it to your speakers.

The process requires many more minds than active speakers. But, once it is done, it will be useful.


Transforming your wireless speakers into a sound system with just a few options and gadgets is possible. This will save you the cost of buying a new pair of speakers. We have listed several ways to make your passive and active speakers wireless. You should choose the one that best suits the needs of your device and your budget. You can ask us questions in the comments section below if you still have concerns.


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