Diodes Incorporated Addresses & QC Protocols Using Automotive-Compliant, Dual-Channel Decoder


Diodes Incorporated, responding to the rapidly growing opportunities of pre-installed in-vehicle USB charging, announces a highly integrated dual-channel USB Type-C protocol decoder. DIODES AP43776Q supports USB power delivery 3.1 standard power range (SPR) and programmable power supply (PPS) as well as Quick Charge QC5, fast charging protocols. It also supports legacy battery charging 1.2 and is highly optimized for multi-port automotive USB device charging systems.

The AP43776Q has a built-in microcontroller unit with 12kB of one-time programmable (OTP) ROM, plus a multi-time programmable ROM resource tool. Each PD 3.1 port fully complies with PPS, with a 3.3V to 21V output voltage range with 20mV/step and 50mA/step adjustment. They allow independent charging of output voltages for greater optimization of power consumption.

An I2C interface enables inter-chip communication with DC-DC controllers and converters in the charging system. This simplifies the control loop and lowers the overall component cost. Using the UART interface, two separate AP43776Q devices can be interconnected, so that intelligent power sharing can be performed on all four of their combined USB ports. In addition to managing the power negotiation connection method, the AP43776Q enables DisplayPort to USB-C by recognizing the USB Type-C Alternate Mode and driving the appropriate USB/DP mux. This facilitates the transfer of video data to the system’s USB connection.

The AP43776Q is AEC-Q100 Grade 1 qualified, manufactured in an IATF 16949 certified facility, and PPAP capable. It is supplied in a 20-pin W-QFN4040 wettable flank package format (with a 4mm x 4mm footprint) and is available for $1.18 in 1000 piece quantities.


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